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I have written, edited and commissioned articles for a variety of publishers and organisations, including The Times, Raconteur,, ICAEW and AMS. 

Below is a selection of recent work - for more examples, please contact me. 

Upskilling leaders: Kingfisher’s experiential learning journey

From meeting ambitious targets despite budget constraints to adapting to market shifts, the demands on a modern business can be high and ambiguous. Despite people arguably being an organisation’s most important asset, it can be easy to deprioritise leadership development when times are tough.

Often, leadership development can be viewed as predictable, unfocused and ineffective. WDHB is a global specialist in the design and delivery of executive learning and development programmes. It takes a di

Why career activism is the key to talent retention

Beset by skills shortages and fierce competition for talent in recent years, firms have been raising salaries, tempting employees from rivals and trying desperately to diversify their talent pools. But, with UK job vacancies falling below 1 million for the first time in two years at the end of last year and hiring freezes on the horizon, many employers are focusing on retention rather than recruitment.

According to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation’s latest JobsOutlook report, 6 0.2% o

Creating the perfect match: the secret to future-proof HR

Today’s fast-paced business landscape means that organisations are continually having to adapt, transform and iterate corporate strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

This is particularly the case for the HR function, which is facing huge challenges key to business success. From global talent shortages to dealing with remote work, digital transformation to reskilling, HR departments are becoming increasingly innovative and agile in response to ongoing pressure.

Meeting these challenges is

Could you look beyond the finance team for your next CFO?

Look at the CFOs for most major companies and you’ll see a group of people with similar backgrounds, usually built on solid accountancy and finance experience. However, the changing nature of the job has opened the door to a wider range of talent.

The challenges facing businesses in the future of work are turning the CFO position into an increasingly strategic role. Yes, bookkeeping, financial reporting and compliance are still important, but these tasks are being delegated down the chain.

Best of Summit 2021: Watch the talks here

Last December saw the inaugural Sifted Summit, our very first in-person event with inspiring speakers and a carefully curated guest list of 200 founders and startup leaders.

Throughout the day we discussed everything from how to work with corporates to where to find the best talent, from bootstrapping a business to the best exit strategy.

You can see the whole day’s panels, fireside chats and roundtables on our YouTube playlist here, but if you're crunched for time, here’s a round-up of some o

What will our daily commutes look like, post-Covid? We asked the experts

Across Europe, public transport usage has severely dropped, and it’s not looking like it’ll pick up again soon.

London Underground passengers dropped to as low as 3% of pre-Covid levels, peaking at just 40% in June. In Madrid, metro usage also peaked in June but still only reached 63% of pre-Covid figures. Paris public transport is stuck at 50% of pre-pandemic levels, with Transilien director Sylvie Charles warning they may never return to previous usage.

So what will our daily commutes look l
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